What is RiSLO?

The Finnish Medical Students’ Association in Riga (RiSLO) is a student-run, non-profit organization for Finnish medical and dentistry students in Riga, Latvia. The association was founded in 2012. There are two universities in Riga in which our members study, Riga Stradins University and University of Latvia. The educational program of medicine is held in English and it lasts for six years, divided into three phases: basic studies, pre-clinics and clinics. These programs provide competitive, up-to-date knowledge and skills that prepare us for our future careers in Finland, other parts of Europe and the rest of the world.

Of the Finnish universities only five have medical faculties, all with growing numbers of applicants each year. With the number of accepted students in Finnish medical faculties being relatively low, there is a growing trend of Finnish medical students starting their studies in Latvia. Today there are more than 400 Finns studying full time for a medical degree in Latvia with the number of enrolling students increasing year by year.

RiSLO belongs to the same umbrella association, Finnish Medical Students’ Association FMA (SML – Suomen medisiinariliitto ry), as the Finnish medical students’ associations, which operate domestically in Finland. We are closely connected with FMA and communicate with all the Finnish medical student associations in Finland and in other parts of Europe. Our objectives are to represent the Finnish students in Riga and to voice their opinions, concerns and needs, discuss topics related to the fields of medical education and occupation, promote training, activities and projects related to health and finally to cooperate with other student associations and with organizations representing the medical profession.

We provide information and support for our members from the start of their studies up till graduation, organizing a variety of different events and get-togethers from semester kick-off parties to professional seminars. In order to help our members to stay informed about past and upcoming events, current topics, as well as internship and exchange opportunities, RiSLO releases a monthly newsletter and a magazine called Lapsus Calami twice a year. You can check out our magazine and learn more about our association through our website www.rislo.fi.

RiSLO - Riian Suomalaiset Lääketieteen Opiskelijat ry
Y-tunnus: 2890485-3